Professional and non professional makeup courses
for film and television run by top TV makeup artist Sue Sian

Sue Sian Makeup School

Professional and non-professional makeup courses

Whether you want a career as a professional TV or film makeup artist or want to take a short professional course in bridal makeup artistry, Sue Sian Makeup School is the one for you.

On all the courses, the makeup (different brands), brushes, hair products and equipment are supplied by the school. You will have models to work on every day and we will teach you ALL aspects of TV/film makeup and hair. You will also have a day learning how to apply facial hair and wig fitting.

The courses vary in length and cost and we will be starting January 2014 at Teddington Studios.

Next courses starting later in 2014. Details to follow.

It’s also perfect if you would like to learn how to apply your own makeup in a professional way by attending a one day non-professional makeup and makeover lesson.

Below: Cat/mouse makeup designed for Noel Fielding!